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The plans are all general arrangement layouts, consisting of all pertinent data of  the actual ship and viewpoints below:
  • Plan
  • Profile
  • Bow view
  • Hull view
  • Bridge Deck view

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Construction details of actual model building are purposely omitted to enable the individual model builder to follow his or her particular method of building.  The sample drawing reproduced show the extent of the detail involved as well as the care with which they are prepared.

The scale which was originally set at 1/32" =1 Ft. is still followed.  This scale was found to be the most suitable for building up a collection of warship models.  Sufficient small detail can be shown on a model, yet the largest ship models do not get out of hand when the builder accumulates a collection such as the author has.  In answer to many builders who wanted larger, even more detailed models for operating, we made many types of vessels available in double-sized plans, or 1/16" scale.  These doubled in size, making them 1/8" scale, which have "XX" in their order numbers.  Several are made in 1/4" scale, with a "Y" in their order numbers.

Many students of navy history, naval collectors, and even persons studying naval architecture, have found the collection of warship plans forms an invaluable reference for research purposes.  Most of the drawings of older vessels are prepared from official information: plans, when available, and photographs showing arrangements during various periods in the life of the vessel.

The date, or period, of the drawings is the latest or final, unless otherwise noted.