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When You Want More Than A Memory....
Any Military Ship. Any Military Aircraft. Any Military Era.
Let George Bieda Draw or Paint it For You!

Aircraft Carriers
Amphibious Warfare Ships
Army Tanks, Personnel Carriers, & other Vehicles
Brown Water Navy, Gunboat, Sub Chaser, PT Boat & River Patrol Craft
Coast Guard Cutters & Patrol Boats
Commercial Ships
Destroyers & Guided Missile Destroyers
Destroyer Escorts & Frigates
Minesweepers & Minelayers
More multi ship montage samples
Naval Aircraft
Sailing Warship and Historical Ships
Service Ships
U. S. Air Force Aircraft, NASA & Civilian Aviation
Multiple Ship Montage Drawing

Military Model Ship Plans & Drawings

Detailed schematics of US Destroyer
  • George Bieda Plans

  • Edward Wiswesser Plans

  • Retired: Master Naval Engineer
    Own an Affordable Piece of History..... Ship Plan Master Plan Maker Ed Wiswesser Whether you want to create your own precise model, or you simply would like the technically accurate plans for a particular Navy ship, get the very best. is honored to include the plans of Master Plan Maker Ed Wiswesser in our collection.

    At 97, Ed Wiswesser is still regarded as a premier Naval plan expert, with his work used by hundreds of classic model makers, 3D model makers and Hollywood filmmakers, including the models used in the John Wayne film "In Harm's Way."

    All Wiswesser plans are general arrangement layouts, including top view, profile, bow views, hull sections and bridge deck plans. They include all pertinent data to allow a model maker complete accuracy in creating a ship model.

    Sizes available include:
  • Standard plans scale: 1/32nd inch=1 foot, or 1/384ft =1 ft....very close to the 1/400 scale.
  • Double size or X-Series plans scale: 1/16th, or 1/192nd scale.
  • Double Double size, or XX-Series plans scale: 1/18th, or 1/96th scale.
  • Y series (for smaller ships): 1/4th scale.
Ship Profile Drawing
Ship Profile Data Drawing
Multiple Ship Montage Drawing
Model Ship Plans
Ship Painting Commissions
Prints of completed Ship Paintings for sale on Fine Art America

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George Bieda has been painting and drawing as a Naval and Aviation Artist for over 43 years.
Having also served in the navy on submarines, destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carriers, amphibious ships, and fleet auxiliaries, George has combined his love for painting and drawing and his experience at sea to work as a full time artist. He counts the USN, USCG, USMC, USAF, NOAA, NASA, Lockheed Aircraft, Newport New Shipbuilding and Drydock Co. among his customers and has served on the Bremerton Naval Museum's Staff and Board of Directors for 17 years. He has created over 22,000 ship and aircraft drawings and has painted over 500 oil paintings.

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