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George Bieda's exclusive oil paintings rival the Maritime Art masters like Hans Skalagard, Charles Patterson, Montague Dawson, Jack Spurling, Antonio Jacobsen, Thomas Buttersworth, Geoff Hunt, John Mercray, Currier & Ives, James A. Flood, David Thimgan, Charles Vickery in quality but are within your budget! See this veteran "Sea Dog's" naval art selling now at prices that are lower than discount for most artists--save and get more for your money when you invest in one of Geo's original oil paintings. Geo is currently working on over 8 commissioned works, so get your order on the list now.

You can order the following:

  • 15X30 inch Original Oil Painting: $400 includes shipping
  • 18X36 inch Original Oil Painting: $500 includes shipping 
  • 24X36 inch Original Oil Painting: $600 includes shipping
  • 24x48 inch Original Oil Painting: $1000 includes shipping
  • 36x48 inch Original Oil Painting: $1200 includes shipping

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You can view the latest pieces of art work below! 

Instructions for viewing oil paintings:
  • Press on the Select Menu and pick an oil painting
  • Press the Go! button (by the Select Menu) and view painting above



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