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George Bieda's exclusive oil painting prints are derived from his original oils. They are electronically created so they do not exactly match the original oil painting. Many have extra aircraft added or special effects added in the sky or sea that were not part of the original work.

 12x18 inch prints:  Rolled in a tube:  $70 on paper, $120 on Canvas


11x17 inch prints:   Matted, Framed (15x21 inches) and includes delivery only $155


Larger sizes:  Oil Painting Prints on thick card stock only $200 size varies with actual painting size


Larger sizes:    Oil Painting Prints on stretched canvas only $300 size varies with actual painting size.

DD-864 Clone


Other prints by George...just click on the title to see!


Cruiser USS Virginia CGN 38

Cruiser USS Texas CGN 39

Cruiser USS Mississippi CGN 40

Cruiser USS Arkansas CGN 41

USS Bataan LHD 6 "The Harrier Carrier"

Submarine USS Billfish  SSN-676

Buckley Class Destroyer Escort WWII


Destroyer Escort USS Davidson FF-1045 in Pearl Harbor Hawaii

Destroyer Escort USS Julius A. Furer FFG-6 at the Bicentennial Celebration in NYC

Fletcher Class Destroyer USS Stembel DD-644 in WWII

Fletcher Class Destroyer USS John D. Henley DD-553 in WWII

Sumner Class Destroyer USS Mansfield DD-728 in WWII 

Gearing Class Destroyer USS Kennedy DD-850 Vietnam Era

Gearing Class Destroyer USS Damato DD-871 Vietnam Era

Gearing Class Destroyer USS Ellison DD-864 Vietnam Era

Armored Cruiser WWI:  USS Pennsylvania, USS California, USS Maryland, USS South Dakota, USS West Virginia, USS Colorado

Armored Cruiser WWI:  USS Montana, USS Washington, USS Tennessee, USS North Carolina

Cruiser USS Horne CG-30 Recent Era

USS Canberra CA-70

USS Los Angeles CA-135

USS Duluth CL-87

Carrier USS Enterprise CV-6 WWII

USS Bon Homme Richard CV-31 in WWII

Point Luck...the Battle of Midway

USS Kittyhawk and escorts, Vietnam Era

USS Oriskany CV-34 and escorts, Vietnam Era

USS Ranger CV-61 in the Vietnam Era

German Raider Atlantis WWII

Submarine USS Andrew Jackson SSBN-619 Recent Era 

USS Constitution 24x36 inch oil on canvas:

USS Allagash: 24x36 oil on canvas: 




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