Oil Paintings for YOU!

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24x36 in. USS CALIFORNIA Oil Painting

USS Kittywake: "thank you again for the beautiful painting of the Kittiwake...here are a couple of pictures of the painting in its final frame. It now hangs over his mantle and he is just delighted with it."

George Bieda's exclusive oil paintings rival the Maritime Art masters like Hans Skalagard, Charles Patterson, Montague Dawson, Jack Spurling, Antonio Jacobsen, Thomas Buttersworth, Geoff Hunt, John Mercray, Currier & Ives, James A. Flood, David Thimgan, Charles Vickery in quality but are within your budget! See this veteran "Sea Dog's" naval art selling now at prices that are lower than discount for most artists--save and get more for your money when you invest in one of Geo's original oil paintings. Geo is currently working on over 8 commissioned works, so get your order on the list now.



Our Commission Oil Painting Process involves you in developing the painting!

We love to paint the oil painting you want!  We paint by commission almost exclusively. 

STEP ONE:   You describe the painting you want...the ship or aircraft, the sea conditions, the weather.

    Example:  "Develop a painting of the USS Billfish, SSN-636 for me similar to the one on the postage stamp"

STEP TWO:  We  produce one or more electronic mockups of the painting from photographs of similar vessels and email them to you.  


STEP THREE:  You then give us more guidance on what you want in the painting and we continue to modify the mockup until the painting is exactly what you want.  You then provide us your credit card number.

STEP FIVE:  We put paint to canvas and execute the painting.


STEP SIX:  We send you a miniature scan of the completed painting.

STEP SEVEN:  You say YES! and we charge your credit card the day prior to shipping it to you!

DD-864 Clone